Certified Automotive Recycler

While I know most of us are working hard at making our buildings kinder to the environment, my husband works hard to take care of another big piece of the environmental picture.

He works for Brooks Auto Sales which is a small business in Oilville, Va.  As you drive by, you may quickly think.. oh boy.. he works at a car junkyard.  What most people don’t know is that he is an automotive recycler.  All those unwanted, broken, wrecked, no longer nice looking vehicles come to him.  When you take a vehicle to be disposed,  you need to look for a CAR certified facility.  CAR is a Certified Automotive Recycler.

When a vehicle comes in it is carefully cataloged and  given a number.  It is dismantled with all useable parts reserved for refurbishment  and resale. They accept all vehicles regardless of condition as long as you have a clear title to surrender with the vehicle.  The unique number is marked on every part for resale and serves as a tracking system. (Helps police distinguish them from stolen parts!)   His yard is networked with other recyclers and they trade/sell parts all over the state to places that need them.  Many parts are collected for core buyers that will refurbish parts no longer working.  Batteries are recharged and resold or sent to a recycler that will refurbish them.   All fluids are drained and captured.  Anti-freeze and Freon is gathered to be recycled and resold.   Oil, transmission fluids, brake fluids are poured into a holding tank on site.  They are then reused in a clean burning heating system that heats my husband’s shop during the winter months.   All metals are dismantled and sorted to sell to those companies that will melt it down for reuse.  Mercury switches are also sent to a company that handles the proper disposal of these items.  Tires are sent to a recycler that will chop them up and create new items for our use. 

Before rushing to the car parts store… think if you could use something recycled.   It is usually cheaper and once again, we are working on helping this environment we live in!!


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