MilkMuny Fundraiser for Woolridge Elementary School Green Club

My name is Jay Yeman, and I am a mechanical engineer in the Richmond office.  I am a parent volunteer for the Woolridge Elementary School Green Club.  Our club participates in a fundraising program with a company called MilkMuny.  MilkMuny is an upstart company similar to TerraCycle in that they take a product (in this case milk and juice cartons) that is normally thrown into the garbage and make them into a useful and unique product

More than 510,000 tons of milk and juice cartons are generated every year in the United States, but sadly, less than .05% ever get recycled according to an EPA report of Municipal Solid Waste.  Paper cartons ARE recyclable, however, “because of the wax lining, are not universally recycled.  Each locality is different, depending on their recycling process capability”, says the National Recycling Coalition.

MilkMuny will pay 50 cents for every carton sent to them and even pay for the shipping costs!  MilkMuny will accept up to 1,000 cartons over the course of the school year.  Click HERE to see which brands we are collecting (note: the 25 cents/carton noted in the flyer is incorrect).  The Woolridge Elementary School Green Club is collecting all of the brands listed on the flyer.  I am asking Richmond office employees who are interested in helping out to please save your milk and juice cartons, thoroughly rinse them out, and drop them off at my desk.  If you are really ambitious, you can save me some work and break down the cartons per the following instructions:

  1. Thoroughly rinse the cartons with water.
  2. Use a utility knife to cut the top and bottom off of the carton.  The sharpness of the knife makes a huge difference in the accuracy and cleanliness of the cut.  These cuts need to be as close to the top/bottom as possible with no more than a quarter inch of loss on the walls of the carton.  This leaves the four vertical panels of the carton, all connected.
  3. Clean and wipe the panels clean.
  4. Bring the broken down cartons to work and drop them off at my desk.

If anyone else out there in Moseley Nation is interested in participating in a similar fundraising program for their school, simply send me an e-mail and I will send you additional information.

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