Reusable Grocery Bag Tips

I switched to using reusable grocery bags several months ago.  When I talk to friends and family about using these bags, a number of people have stated that they frequently forget to bring their reusable grocery bags into the store with them. Here are some tips to help you remember.

  1. Keep your bags in your car. Don’t store them in the trunk because you’ll forget that they’re there. Storing them in the back seat pocket is a better option because you’ll be more likely to see them. Keeping a bag slid in between the passenger seat and the center console is another option.
  2. Most of us write a list of what we need before going to the grocery store. Write “REMEMBER BAGS” at the top of your grocery list each week. Use a pad of paper like in the picture and write this down on every page so you won’t forget.
  3. Hang a bag on the door knob to your garage or someplace near by. It will serve as a constant visual reminder to bring your bags with you. If you don’t want to hang a grocery bag, create a door tag (similar to a Do Not Disturb Tag) and hang that on the door knob.
  4. Hang a bag in your pantry. Most people check out their pantry when writing up their grocery list.
  5. Enlist your children’s help in helping you remember to bring your bags.

Many local stores have programs to encourage you to use reusable grocery bags. Stores like Ukrops and Target offer a 5 cent credit for each reusable bag you use in the store.

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