Phones for Haiti – Recycling for a Good Cause

Do you have old cell phones, chargers, or phone batteries lying around your house?  Moseley Architects’ Seeds of Green members would like to put those phones toward a good cause.  Bring in your old phone equipment, whether it works or not, and we will collect them and arrange for their shipment to ReCellular using their prepaid labels.  If you don’t feel like removing your personal data from your old phone, don’t worry, they will do it for you.  Collection boxes will be located in each office.  Here in Richmond the collection box is located in the Green Pod on the desk between Gillian and Bryna.  Check with your Seeds of Green liaison for the box location in your office. 

Read more about the program at, and in the brief article below.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!


Used Phone Purchases to Benefit American Red Cross

ANN ARBOR, Mich., January 14, 2010– ReCellular today announced a new way for Americans to provide support to the millions of victims of the January 12th earthquake in Haiti. Used cell phones can be sent in by downloading a prepaid mailing label at, with the proceeds going to the American Red Cross’ charitable efforts.

“The devastation in Haiti is slowly becoming all too clear,” said Steve Manning, ReCellular CEO. “Sending in your used phone is a simple and effective way to help with the rescue and rebuilding efforts already underway.”

There are an estimated 130 million phones retired in the United States every year. If even a small percentage of them are sent to Phones for Haiti, it would contribute millions of dollars towards relief from the devastating earthquake. ReCellular will give 100% of the phone value as a contribution to the American Red Cross; charities have already earned more than $20 million dollars in contributions through their partnerships with ReCellular.

With rescue and repair missions already underway, it is critical that funds get to the region quickly. By using the postage paid label, supporters can have their used phones to ReCellular within just a few days, allowing for the rapid distribution of funds. All phones are accepted, though newer phones will provide the most value to the charity – in some cases $100 or more.

“The overwhelming response from all Americans to the crisis in Haiti reflects the depth of generosity of the American people,” said Manning. “We are proud to be able to coordinate this opportunity when the need is so great.”

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