Plastic to Oil Technology

This technology has apparently been around for several years now, and is slowly being implemented across the country and the world. You can learn more detail about how it works in a nicely done video by Blest Corporation out of Japan, which you can find here:

American companies are also catching on. A large scale plastic to oil machine by Envion has been operating in Maryland since 2009.

JBI, Inc. opened its third machine near Niagara Falls this year. They have also partnered with Crayola to collect used markers from schools to use them as feedstock for their machines. Shipping is free, so if your child’s school has a green team, they might want to know about this!

As we know, finding sources for plastic recycling is not easy, and these machines do not seem to be picky about what kind of plastics they will accept. Hopefully this market will continue to improve and expand!

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