Buy Efficient Appliances Tax Free!

This weekend (October 11-13) is Virginia’s tax-free shopping weekend for Energy Star and Water Sense certified appliances and fixtures. North Carolina’s weekend is coming up November 1-3. So if you’ve been considering a purchase, now would be a good time!

The list of eligible purchases are different in each state, but some examples include:
• Clothes washers
• Freezers
• Refrigerators
• Air conditioners
• Ceiling fans
• Dehumidifiers

For more information about the program in Virginia visit:

And for North Carolina visit:

Happy Shopping!

Renewable Energy ETFs on the Rise

crystalline panels
Last year’s underperforming wind and solar exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are posting 40% + gains.

Wind energy sees record growth, enjoying improvements in cost and performance as well as continuing subsidies.

Solar energy ETF Guggenheim Solar (NYSE:TAN) is the top unleveraged performer for the third quarter, supported by rising demand.

Read more about solar ETFs here and wind here.