10 Green Building Predictions

These 10 trends are what we might see according to west coast firm Hammer & Hand, as published by Intelligent Building Today. These seem pretty ambitious compared to what we’re seeing on the east coast, but maybe in the long term…

1. Focus will move beyond Net Zero Energy to Net Positive Energy buildings.
2. Market mechanisms that reward energy conservation and renewable energy production will flourish.
3. Building energy codes will move away from prescriptive rules toward performance-based measures.
4. CO2 heat pumps will help transform heating and cooling performance.
5. US-made high performance windows will continue to make high performance building easier here.
6. Builders and designers of high performance homes will design ventilation systems with a focus on quality of ventilation rather than just quantity.
7. The US-led move to make Passive House more climate-specific will improve performance at both mirco and macro levels.
8. Passive House competition will result in better software tools for high performance building practitioners.
9. Europe’s push to eliminate thermal bridges in buildings will make high performance building more mainstream in the US, too.
10. China’s interest in high performance building will propel US market.

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