The Local Green Grocery Movement

farmers_marketAre you, or would you like to be, a “locavore”? Eating food from your local foodshed (generally within a 100 mile radius) has been a growing trend for several years now. There are many benefits, including fresher food, health considerations (usually organic, non-genetically modified), reduced environmental impacts (shorter transportation, less packaging, etc.), and the socio-economic benefits of supporting local businesses.

You can eat local in many ways:
• Farmers Markets – These are cropping up all over, and you can find one near you at Set your location and click on “Find Farmers Markets”. There are 15 listed in the Richmond area alone.
• CSAs – Community Supported Agriculture has become a popular way to buy fresh, local, organic food directly from a farmer. You purchase a share or membership, and receive a box of seasonal produce regularly (weekly, monthly, however you set it up) throughout the year. Find options near you at
• Online markets – More and more “stores” such as Relay Foods (now located right around the corner from the Moseley Headquarters!) offer online shopping for local, organic, non-GMO, special diet, and even standard food choices. You can pick up your order for free, have it delivered to a hub location near you, or ship directly to your door! This is a great option for people who hate grocery shopping. Check to see what’s available in your area at
• Regular grocery store – Pay attention to the source of the produce you buy in the grocery store. Many stores now offer more options due to the popularity of eating local.
• Grow your own garden!

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