Green building demand doubles every three years

According to a recent report by Dodge Data & Analytics, green building continues to double every three years, with strongest acceleration in emerging economies, and clients and tenants worldwide are increasingly demanding sustainability – for both energy efficiency and occupant benefit.


How to Grow Fresh Air

This short, 4 minute TEDTalk video features researcher Kamal Meattle speaking about how an arrangement of three common houseplants, used in specific spots in a home or office building, can result in measurably cleaner indoor air. Spoiler alert: the plants are Areca Palm, Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, and Money Plant.


Moseley Architects E-cycling Program Update

Moseley Architects has been running an electronics recycling program for 7+ years, and the images below show a portion of the impressive amount collected in the Richmond office!

Items collected include 18 monitors, 15 laptops, 37 computer hard drives, 3 telephones, 15 printers,3 microwaves, 24 keyboards, and much more. Way to go team!

IMG_1786 IMG_1788 IMG_1790

Renewables Account for 75% of New US Generating Capacity in 1st Quarter of 2015

According to the latest Energy Infrastructure Update report from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commision’s Office of Energy Projects, “the trend lines for the past several years have been consistent and unmistakable. Each month, renewable energy sources — particularly wind and solar — increase their share of the nation’s generating capacity while those of coal, oil, and nuclear decline.”

Read more about the growing effect of renewables on the nation’s generating capacity here: